Hair transplantation is the most requested operation among all hair follicle transfer operations. Nowadays we see an increase in balding and permanent hair loss. In the past baldness was usually due to genetic reasons but currently we see that there are other reasons causing hair loss.

Daily routines, stress, unhealthy food and products causes and increased rate of hair loss. There are effective hair transplant methods that helps people who are negatively affected by this in their life. Hair transplantation is a quite easy and a comfortable process, with the help of this operation people can have healthy hair.

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

In this article we will give information about hair transplant prices and all the details of the procedure. First of all you need to be examined thoroughly to understand whether you are suitable for a hair transplant or not. At this stage specialists also find out whether there is any other setbacks for you getting a hair transplant. Hair transplant prices are set according to the hair transplant method that will be used for your hair type. Before this step it is hard to set a certain price. Procedure itself is quite easy and generally there is no risk. It is also advantageous because the patient feels no pain during the procedure.


Most preferred hair transplant method nowadays is FUE method. There are also different types that are included in this method. In FUE method hair grafts are collected individually from the donor area. Removing each graft individually and being really delicate in this process is important for the patient to heal quickly. This is the most important difference with the old FUT method.

In order to collect grafts doctors used to collect small skin pieces and then grafts were collected from those pieces. However, currently we don’t need this thanks to the FUE method. Hair transplant prices may differ because of different factors such as the technique used and the size of the area of operation. Therefore patients are examined before a price is set.

Another important method among hair transplant methods is DHI method. This method is accepted to be more advantageous than the FUE method from many aspects. Since there is no channel opening in this process it takes shorter to perform and it causes less damage to the area.


After determining the correct method for the patient, preparation for the operation begins after this stage operation starts. We want to mention how the both methods are done. It is as follows:

  • There are three important stages in the FUE method. These are: collecting the hair grafts, opening channels and transplanting into the channels. Grafts are collected meticulously and individually from the proper donor area of the patient. Following that channels are opened for the transplantation step and lastly hair grafts are transplanted into the channels and the operation is completed.
  • In DHI method hair follicles are collected with the help of a medical pencil. Hair follicles are collected with this specially designed pencil. There is no need for opening channels in this method. Therefore it is more practical and causes less damage. Since the damage is less healing process is quicker.


In this part we will talk about the post hair transplant procedures. After a hair transplant patients must be really careful and delicate with themselves. Receiving maximum benefit from the procedure depends on this. The process after a hair transplant usually goes as follows:

  • After the procedure the patient is discharged and the necessary warnings are made.
  • One of the most important thing at this stage is about first time washing your hair. First hair wash after the surgery is given by the specialist at the clinic.
  • Hair is washed with a special solution and it is done very carefully.
  • After washing for the first time the patient should wash their head every day.
  • All the details of what to be careful of after the procedure is given to you by the clinic.


There are important details for those who want to get a hair transplant. We want to give detailed information about the procedure before we get into prices. Hair transplant prices and things to know about a surgery are as follows:

  • Your most important duty about the operation is to work with an expert team on the area. Finding the right clinic and the right specialist is very important.
  • Choosing the best method for your hair type is important. You should also be careful and see if they are being meticulous enough about the procedure.
  • In the first three months following the procedure you may see some hair loss. This shouldn’t concern you. It is quite common.
  • Healthy hair grows back in place of the hair you lost. This process may take up to 6 months.
  • You need to be patient to get certain results. In about a year, a year and a half it is possible for you to have full grown healthy hair.
  • You should also be careful about the hair transplant prices.


Hair transplant is procedure that is often used by people who suffer from pelade or baldness and who have burn marks and is unable to grow hair in that area.

There are some responsibilities of the patient before and after the procedure. If the patient is careful enough about the things they must do after a procedure they will heal quicker and easier.

Thing that the patient can do after a hair transplant operation:

  • You need to drink a lot of water after the operation. On average a person should drink 2-2, 5 liters of water a day. But you can use applications that shows how much water you should drink in accordance with your weight. Using apps that would remind you to drink water also could be beneficial for you if it isn’t your habit to drink water abundantly.
  • You can also use herbal teas, without consuming excessively, which would help you get rid of your edema. However when they are used excessively these herbal teas may have negative impacts it is important to keep this in mind.
  • You may use painkillers that your doctor suggests you without exceeding the daily dosage. Usually patients don’t have any pain or headaches but depending on the swellings patients may have headaches. When this occurs patients should consult with their doctor and then they can take painkillers. You should be mindful of what you doctor suggests and shouldn’t use anything without their knowledge.
  • During this period your scalp is very fragile so you should abstain from combing your hair or using chemical substances such as hair gel.
  • The patient should also be mindful of their eating habits. Eating more protein and staying away from unhealthy food can help you recover quickly. Hair and scalp are organs that are rich in protein. When you eat more protein healing process speeds up.
  • Patients should abstain from consuming salt in order not to worsen their swellings and to get rid of them. The less you consume salt the less edema you have.
  • Even when you thing that you don’t eat salty you may be getting a lot of sodium from packaged products. Therefore you need to stay away from the packaged products as much as you can.
  • It is also helpful for the patients to abstain from consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes or to at least keep them at a minimum level. This helps them gain their health rapidly.
  • Consuming alcohol is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes in this period because alcohol increases the edema and the swellings of the body. It also causes dehydration so, in order not to have dehydration and not to worsen the edemas patients must definitely stay away from alcohol.


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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the most natural and permanent way for making people, who suffer from hair loss, have new hair. In hair transplantation, the healthy hair of the patient himself/herself is implanted to the areas of hair loss. The region where the hair is taken is an area where there is no hair loss. The patients regain their own hair permanently by hair transplantation as if they have never lost it. Our aim in hair transplantation is to provide the natural hair look for the patient in a comfortable way with modern medical procedures. Hair transplantation was first performed in Japan in the 1930s and it first appeared in the Western World in the 1950s.

FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the most commonly used methods. The FUE hair transplant technique is easier and less painful compared with the other methods: For this reason, people who want to undergo a hair transplant operation prefer this method.

Hair transplantation with the FUE technique is a method of extracting the hair follicles from the donor area such as the arms, legs and chest, and usually the back of the head. In this method, the doctor determines the hair density and the amount of hair that will be planted during the examination of the patient.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. Universe Hair Transplant in İstanbul / Turkey . This is a relatively new procedure and just like FUE, it leaves no visible scars and results look natural. While the graft extraction process is similar to FUE, there are a few differences worth noting. For the first step, hair follicles are extracted one by one using a specific tool with a diameter of 1mm or less. The hair follicles are then implanted directly into the recipient area using an implanter tool, also known as Choi Implanter Pen. With DHI, no holes or slits are created before the implantation.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

As everyone knows, sapphire is one of the most precious stones. It is also known for its hardness, durability and brightness. When FUE hair transplantation is the case, and together with the developed technology, sapphire hair transplantation is one of the most recent and most widespread methods used among hair transplantation techniques. With the Sapphire FUE hair transplantation method, used to obtain a natural like result, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area with a micro motor after the patient is relaxed with local anesthesia. With this method, extracted follicles are implanted to an area with incisions made beforehand.

Female Hair Transplant

Normally, women experience diffuse thinning on the scalp which generally starts in the center maintaining the frontal hair line and then extend to involve other areas of the scalp. This is in contrast to the hair loss pattern in males which generally follow a typical pattern starting from receding hairline and extending to make a horse shoe pattern in male. The hair follicle in the back of head of females is not typically resistant to DHT as in males. The common causes of hair loss in females are hereditary female pattern baldness, stress, crash dieting, anemia, hormonal imbalance including pregnancy, thyroid problems and certain medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about hair transplantation can be found in this topic.

The answer to this question is of course related with the kind of the hair transplant application and the size of the area of baldness. For instance hair transplants that are done with DHI method take longer. However if hair loss is scarce than the duration may be shorter for the transplant. In order to get a certain answer for this question you need to schedule an appointment with an expert and you should be examined.

Hair transplant is an application to plant new hair follicle in place of the hair follicles that have vanished completely. Therefore in order to get a hair transplant your hair follicles should be vanished meaning that the hair loss should be completed. There isn’t a certain age limit for this however it can be said that hair transplant is possible for the ages 30 and above.

Where to get a hair transplant is among the frequently asked questions. The place you get a hair transplant directly effects the quality of the process, it shouldn’t be forgotten that a hair transplant must be done by expert doctors on the field and in a clinical environment. Hair transplant is a surgical operation therefore it should be done in clinics that are authorized by the ministry. Beauty salons and other similar places don’t have the necessary equipment to perform this surgical operation.

Hair transplant prices differ according to the kind of application and the amount of hair loss. At this point the prices that doctor offers are a reference point. Expertise and experience of the doctor as well as the qualities of the clinic are determinant of the prices. But it isn’t possible to set a certain price that would be for everyone. At this point it is necessary to get in touch with the doctor and to get an appointment.

Hair transplant scars usually heal within two weeks and you can complete recovery in six weeks. Application method can also change how the scars appear. Scars usually heal quicker with applications using DHI method. Although it doesn’t change dramatically, the recovery period may vary from person to person.

This question is the most frequently asked question. Patients usually think that their hair will grow back immediately after the transplant. However the transplant is actually the transplant of hair follicles not the hair itself. After hair follicles are put into their places there is a recovery period and following that the hair grows back in its usual duration. The natural growth duration of the hair is when you get your back. This changes from person to person but hair usually grows back 3 month after the transplant and you can get a full picture of the process within 6 months.

Actually this question doesn’t have a certain answer. Of course anyone who wishes to get a hair transplant can get it any time they want. However you need to take good care of your scalp after the transplant so you shouldn’t be under direct sunlight or you shouldn’t sweat a lot. Therefore spring season is preferred. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that this isn’t obligatory. You can have a transplant anytime you want it.

It isn’t possible to answer this question without examining the patient. There can be approximate prices but this usually is avoided so as not to create a false expectation. Method used and size of the bald area are determinant factors for the final price. That’s why you need to contact the doctor before you get a hair transplant and schedule an appointment.

The answer to this question is really positive thanks to the latest technologies and techniques. Hair transplant applications are quite easy with the current methods and the rate of unsuccessful applications are quite low. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that hair transplants done in a clinical environment by the expert doctors will have definite success.

The answer to this question is unfortunately asked by people who receive this service from non-professional people. Some transplants turn out bad due to the wrong design of the transplant area and the direction of the hair. When this happens you need to reach out to specialist doctors and ask whether this can be solved. A solution isn’t always guaranteed but you can improve your situation.

There are general answers that can be given to this question. But this isn’t certain, it isn’t obligatory. Suitable months for a transplant are spring months. March, April and May are better for a quicker recovery period. Depending on the circumstances, if you will be able protect your scalp you can get a hair transplant any time of the year.

If you are expecting the answer to come from the western part of the world you may be surprised. Because hair transplant was developed by Japanese scientists. Most developed methods are still used in Japan. These application began with eyebrow and eyelash transplants back at the beginning of 1900s, today it goes as far as hair follicle cloning and is quite extensive. There are also studies to develop methods in Europe and the U.S as well but our country, Turkey is famous all around the world when it comes to hair transplant.

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